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Clinical Staff

Tiffany Mimms, Ph.D., President, Psychologist PSY21784
Establishing a positive therapist-client relationship is crucial to the success of psychotherapy. Creating an environment where you feel safe to discuss any concern is a primary goal of my therapeutic approach. I treat each client with respect, cultural sensitivity, and a strong sense of professional ethics. I see my role as both a collaborator and teacher. I like to actively work with you as we explore your unique concerns, struggles, and strengths. I use my expertise to highlight key patterns in your life that may be keeping you stuck, and to present alternative perspectives and strategies to help achieve your goals.
I provide psychotherapy to adults struggling with depression, relationship difficulties, poor body image, low self-esteem, stress, grief, loss and life transitions. My specialties include sexual assault, domestic violence, and gender and cultural concerns. I also work with couples seeking to improve their communication and relationship satisfaction.

Judith Parker, Ph.D., Psychological Assistant, PSB94021959
I earned my Master of Science degree as a Mental Health Counselor in 2010 and worked in Berkeley, California.  I am currently a Psychological Assistant and am working towards my psychology doctoral degree and licensing. I have experience in individual and group therapy working with clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, abuse/trauma, grief and loss, domestic violence as well as couples and families who wish to improve their communication and relationships.  I work with clients from diverse cultures in a collaborative effort that builds on individual differences and strengths.  I assist clients to identify core conflicts to treat underlying causes and symptoms and ultimately assist clients to develop their own path towards wellness.