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We are excited to introduce Yolanda Stevenson, CMT, of Mystical Healing Paths, to our team of Wellness Providers.  Please, contact Yolanda directly to schedule your moment of wellness and relaxation.  (916) 993-3845 

Massage Menu
60 minute                                                                          $60
90 minute                                                                          $95
120 minute                                                                        $125
Aromatherapy - the use of pure essential oils (from various plants) in a massage to enhance relaxation or attain other benefits such as skin quality improvement. Additional $10.
Acupressure - the application of light pressure with fingers on special points on the body to enhance health or lessen problem- these are the same points as used in acupuncture.
Deep Tissue - work that focuses on the various deep layers of body tissue, often applied to long-term problem areas. Additional $10.
Energy Massage - techniques to balance the body's energy, founded on scientific information about the body as an electro-magnetic field.
Foot Reflexology - a relaxing foot massage that is said to address the whole body since areas of the foot "reflect" conditions/areas of the entire body.
Hot Stone Massage - the application of warm stones to the body, either in a stationary position, or used as "gliding tools" along with oil. Additional $10.
Myofascial Therapies - Myo-fascial Therapies (myo means muscle, fascia is a "lining" between skin and muscle, and around muscle bundles) includes advanced techniques designed for solving problems in each major area of the body; neck, shoulders, back, etc
Prenatal Massage - massage that takes into account the special needs, such as body positioning and cautions of a pregnant woman.
Sports Massage - techniques particular to athletes and highly active people, used to assist them in enhanced performance and quicker recovery from injury.
Swedish - a popular style of massage that uses moves, such as long gliding strokes, that are aimed at relaxation and increased physical well-being
Service Enhancements
Prossage Heat Therapy -Additional $5
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