The Rosetta Center for Counseling and Wellness -
About Us
Our Mission
The mission of the Rosetta Center is to identify and meet the psychological needs of everyone with a strategic focus towards women and their families by creating a place of holistic healing and rejuvenation. It is the goal of the Rosetta Center to empower, educate, and affirm all individuals to thrive and live their true calling. The Rosetta Center staff is trained and competent to work with all individuals, but we also have a strategic focus on serving women of color. 
Company Values
Professionalism -All staff members of the Rosetta Center adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards and relevant industry codes.
Respect - Every client will be treated with dignity and respect.
Quality - The Rosetta Center will deliver high-quality services that are both empirically and community-supported.
Confidentiality - A client's right to privacy will be respected and all client information will be kept confidential.
Community Engagement - The Rosetta Center will offer and participate in community events that encourage the principles of health and wellness.
Personal and Collective Empowerment - Each client served will be encouraged to become an active participant in their own life, to develop their own path towards wellness and to contribute to the creation of healthy families and communities.
Holistic Well-Being - The Rosetta Center seeks to support the integration of all dimensions of wellness including social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, occupational, environmental and financial to create the optimal environment for healing and thriving.
Cultural Competence - The Rosetta Center is committed to ongoing training in assessment and service delivery to underserved populations.